Thank you for your interest in the Sochi bears. This petition has now closed.

Over 130,000 people across the world signed to free Misha and Pasha from apalling conditions.

Your support helped to convince the Russian authorities to release them from the restaurant where they had lived all their lives.

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To Ministry of Natural Resources, Krasnodar region, Sochi, Russia

We request that you take all steps possible to give the two captive bears at the Patskha-Gura restaurant in Sochi the chance of a better life. Big Hearts Foundation and World Animal Protection have been able to arrange for these animals to live the rest of their lives in the Romanian Bear Sanctuary and to enjoy the freedom they have never experienced.

They need your help to make this happen.

We appreciate and applaud the recent decision taken by the court to confiscate these bears from the appalling conditions in which they are being kept. We now appeal to the Ministry or Ministry body, to move the bears to a temporary place of safety where they can be assessed and cared for by veterinary professionals.

We also call on you to give active assistance to Big Hearts Foundation and World Animal Protection to help facilitate the movement of the bears from Sochi to the new home that has been arranged for them at Romanian Bear Sanctuary.